Why this Website ?

This website aims at reuniting the Burkinabè. As a nation, they have not only achieved remarkable socio-economic progress, but they have also fostered peace and have brought stability to the country and the sub-region. The shattering events which took place in the last week of October 2014 in Burkina Faso startled the world, and the Burkinabè themselves. The ensuing change destabilised the country and weakened its social peace.

According to French newspaper Le Monde, President Compaoré, was regarded for three decades long as one of the most influential players in Africa. Both a popular uprising against their democratically elected president and a military coup have led to his resignation which took place on October 31, 2014.

The news of his resignation spread across the globe. However, most medias only mentioned his long stay in power. Such a reductive vision is not worthy of the people and leader of Burkina Faso, for they achieved great things together.

During the Compaoré era (1987-2014) which spanned over nearly half of the country’s history since it independence, the Burkinabè and their president enjoyed many successes, in turn acclaimed by the international community.

Burkina Faso has often been hailed as an example to be followed with regards to water access, the quasi-total eradication of AIDS and FGM (Female Genital Mutilations), and the creation of a cultural hub that also played a part on the diplomatic scene thanks to the resolution of 10 conflicts in Africa.

Erasing History out of ignorance or bias as some online information websites have done, is a downright injustice to the memory of Burkina Faso, and to all the men and women whose relentless efforts greatly contributed to the country’s progress.

This website aims at giving a clear and factual understanding of the socio-economic achievements, the unaccomplished challenges in the 1987-2014 period, and the leading geopolitical influence of Burkina Faso, even if at times it was criticized or condemned.

To synthesize is no easy task, but this presentation seeks to sidestep any form of partisan ideology and political romanticism and to highlight the successful achievements and rights obtained by the Burkinabè people who left their mark during that period, rather than focusing solely on how Compaoré came to power and presided for 27 years without interruption.

This is vital for the Country’s History, Unity, and Renaissance.