Portrait Jérôme Levy

“ Before his fall, this discreet man was for three decades one of the most influential actors on the African scene ”

Le Monde 25 Nov. 2014

What they say about Blaise…

” It’s true, I saw Blaise in Abidjan. And when I saw Blaise, I said to him: Great Brother Blaise, thank you, infinitely for avoiding a bloodbath in Burkina Faso ”

Reggae Star Alpha Blondy
October 2, 2016

What they say about Blaise…

” President Compaoré is a constructive force for peace and stability in the region, sharing the goals of advancing democracy and human rights in Africa, especially in Zimbabwe and Sudan ”

George W. Bush
President of the United States
White House, July 16, 2008

What they say about Blaise…

” To his credit, he was hard-working – which even earned him the recognition of some of his opponents. He also had many valuable contacts, and a remarkable knowledge of the complex inner-workings of West-African economy and finance ”

Radio France International (RFI)
Nov.7, 2014

What they say about Blaise…

” As the ECOWAS Mediator in the resolution of the conflict in Mali, he has helped the International Criminal Court deploy investigators in Mali. Blaise Compaoré is a major voice for Africa ”

The Prosecutor of the International
Criminal Court (ICC)
Fatou Bensouda, Sep. 26 2013

What they say about Blaise…

” The departure of such a strong and influential individual may be an opportunity for the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), as an institution, to step into the void and be more assertive in the way it prevents and resolves conflicts ”

Institute for Security Studies (ISS), Dec.12, 2015

1987 – 2014

Transforming a nation over 3 decades : from building a multiparty democratic system to a successful trackrecord of social and economic achievements to a regional conflict mediator…

Poverty decreased by 30%

Burkina Faso was ranked as the No.1 African leader, in terms of progress on the U.N. Millennium Development Goals.

Blessed by its rich cultural heritage, Burkina Faso became the heartland of African cinema, theatre…

Why this Website?

Erasing History is a downright injustice to the memory of Burkina Faso, and to all the men and women who greatly contributed to this progress…

Burkina & Blaise
Facts & Figures

Social Peace and Religious Tolerance

In a fascinating map of racial tolerance published by the Washington Post in 2013, Burkina Faso was Africa’s champion. More than 60 different ethnic groups were living peacefully together thanks to a balanced attention to each of them, which is a rare phenomenon in this 21st century world…